Just as the man who is hanging himself, after kicking away the stool on which he stood, the final shore, rather than feeling the leap which he is making into the void feels only the rope which holds him, held to the end, held more than ever, bound as he had never been before to the existence he would like to leave.

Maurice Blanchot, Thomas the Obscure. 

Custom Ironhead ‘69 1500cc by Dylan Robb

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Noir Noir - “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.”

Artwork for a 12” LP, “v.i.t.r.i.o.l.” of Noir Noir. Development of the concept of the magic geometry. The cover consists of four geometric elements, the circle, square, triangle, and rhombus. These forms are converted to images which are distributed on all four sides of the issue. Experimental Noise with magical content. Triangulum Ignis order for editing the first work of Noir Noir. Mixed Media Digital Print analogue photography, digital scanning and re-reprint canvas.

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Installations I Void by Beili Liu
Silk Organza, 49 layers, 30”x43”x15”

Each of the 49 layers of silk organza holds a delicate ring drawn with a burning incense. Each ring reduces in size until it recedes to a small circle. Through the void of the layering black silk, the spectator is drawn to a subtle hint of light at the end of the portal.

Wait, what? Have I unknowingly written a flatmate wanted add…

Wait, what? Have I unknowingly written a flatmate wanted add…

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